Are you a fan of horror? Do you enjoy tales of the twisted and darkened variety? Have you ever had a thought enter your mind that downright terrified you and you knew that if people heard you think it they’d lock you up for being sinister and disturbed?

Me too.

This site will be a place of death, torture and hopelessness. A place where those thoughts of depravity will have a place to live free. I will spit up whatever sludge is found in the pits of my mind and translate it into words.

Here you will find original stories; stories created from a specific influence; excerpts from the book I am currently writing, which is a series of horror genre short stories set in Winnipeg, Manitoba; and, morbid thoughts of the day.

Don’t be afraid to hit the follow button, the like button or to leave a comment. All are appreciated. All are welcomed.

All content is written by me, Sean Perrun.







  1. […] 3. The Fine Game of Nil  is deliciously dark and eerie, founded on excerpts from a recent book release with the same title. Local places and faces are mixed in and mixed up telling tales of impulse and death. […]


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